Half-Orc Spirit Shaman




Scarred, brutish, ill-tempered, and look ta stomp some demon gobs!


Ain’t nuffin ’arder den an orc…nuffin!

Life in da Hold is meant ta make ‘ard boyz even ’arder. Me bruthas whipped and beat me almost from the moment I ripped me way outta me mum. I’s da only ‘alf-blood, ya see, so I’s always da scrawny one, and da shaman said dat I was gonna bring da ruin a da Destroya down on da Blackruts. Finkin back on it, I guess he was right. I’m gettin ahead a meself though. Chief Furg ignored da shaman and said since I was a ‘alf blood dat I’d be training wif da shaman to bring da might o da Destroya to da tribe. Well, Shaman Murgukk didn’t like dat too much, but da chief insisted….wif an axe.

So I started trainin wif Shaman Tanrukk. He marked me up good for da Destroya, said da pain would help me see da spirits and what not, I fink he just liked cuttin on me. Well, 10 summers in I was all set for me trial which was supposed ta mark me wif da spirits, I still fink da shaman was tryin to kill me though, and I marched off ta Destoya’s peak to find me spirits. As I got closer, I started hearing fings. It started as a whisper, but as I got closer to da peak dey started howling and screechin. I started ta see shapes movin about rippin each otha ta bits. Some of em even came at me and they bit my flesh but gud. Soon da ground startled rumblin, and da howlin got louder till I was almost deaf. When I could barely stand, da bloody mountain exploded! Fire, ash, and dust came rainin down from everywhere. Da heat scorched me skin, while da ash scorched me insides, but da spirits still howled. Suddenly, everyfing got quiet and I saw sumfin floatin in da ash. It looked like some humie tart wif golden wings. Da expression on her face was sumfin I’d nevah seen before. She started ta reach out ta me, but dis big beast dat was all claws and fangs smashed in to her, dat’s when da howling started again, and da burnin came back. Soon after dat, da beast came out a da ash again and gave me a gud swipe right across me face which seemed ta burn me whole body. Da ash and fire didn’t hurt much after dat, but I started ‘eadin back to da tribe since I’d seen all da spirits I cared to for da day.

Da camp was almost destroyed. Ash covered bodies a orcs dat weren’t ‘ard enough. Shaman Tanrukk saw me and shouted sumfin about da Destoya’s favor and some kinda mark on me face. I just remembered all da cuttin he’d done on me and me blood got hot. I picked up one o da dead orc’s choppas and split Tanrukk’s skull. After dat, me bruthas dat survived didn’t beat me no more. Da Blackruts had some good summers for a nice bit after dat. We shattered some otha tribes, stole dere loot, cracked humie skulls, and got a right nice reputation for being ’ard.

Some time later, da tribe was near da Tusk mountains makin camp and gettin ready for a raid in to da Frost Fury territory. We was sharpenin our choppas, beddin da slaves, and some ‘o da warriors was ’avin a right good scrum in da firelight. Den I saw sumfin movin in da darkness. Well, I didn’t see it, so much as ‘feel’ it. It’s spirit was all death and fury. As I stood up to shout da warnin, everyfin went black. I heard da screams a me bruthas and smelled blood, but da shadows was just too thick. Den sumfin smashed in ta me from behind and we tumbled to da dirt. I was slashin and smashin best I could, but I could barely see and whutevah dis fing was, it was one ‘ard nob and it ripped me up but good. I can still remember it’s stinkin hot breath in me face as I smashed on it over, and over. I fink da Boss finally did it in, but I can’t be sure. All I know is, I’s still ‘ere and dat fing isn’t.

We was gonna call off da raid, but da Boss said dat dere’s a humie town in one a da valleys dat should be able ta give us some sport. ‘alf of da raidin party was dead, but da rest of us was gettin ’arder and we needed a right proper fight. Da town militia tried to fight us off, but we was just too much for em and da spirits was angry dat day. All o’ dem was callin for humie blood. We smashed our way to dis big house in da middle o town. I could see a bunch o humies cowerin inside. Da spirits kept callin for more blood and we was more den willin ta feed em. In da end, it wasn’t much of a fight, I was a little disappointed. We took our trophies and ’eaded back to da tribe though. Da spirits went quiet for a bit when we left da town, but I was too blood drunk to care.

Not long after we got back to da tribe, fings got really nasty. One day, da spirits just started howlin like dat day I was marked by da Destroya. Den the signal horns sounded. Through it all sumfin else was speakin. I couldn’t couldn’t understand it, but it was dere. As we all got ready for a scrum, I noticed da howlin spirits was gettin softah. When da fightin really started, da spirits sounded like sumfin I’d nevah heard before. Dey wasn’t screamin or howlin. It was like dey was singin. Dese humies had brung sumfin ‘ard wif em, and it was drownin out everyfing else. Da fing is, I liked the singin. It reminded me a dat figure in da ash all dose years ago. I don’t fink I even made it to da fight. Next fing I knew, I was surrounded by a dozen or so humies, on my knees, and I was cryin. I didn’t even know what cryin was, I just know dat whatevah spirits was talkin ta me dat day showed me sumfin. Dey showed me dat ya don’t ‘ave to be angry, ta be ’ard, and sometimes not killin sumfin ya don’t like is da ’ardest choice you can make.

I fink dat’s all da bad stuff I can remembah, am I repentant yet?


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